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Mystery Distance


Mystery Distance


Our mission at NCTRaces is to raise a charitable donation for our local chapter of the North Country Trail Association.  The Brule-St. Croix chapter of the NCTA is responsible for building, improving, and maintaining the North Country Trail in our area.  As runners, hikers, and nature enthusiasts this trail is essential to in our connection to nature.  It is our pleasure to help in any way possible, whether through donations, trail work, volunteering, or enrollment.

Quick Answers:

Date: July 20th, 2024

Distances: 5k, 13.1, 26.2, 50/50 Mystery Ultra

Registration: 50/50 Mystery Ultra: Ultrasignup Only

Location: 9988 E. Cty. Rd. A, Solon Springs Wi 54873 (closest address)

Registration:  UltraSignup and In Person (if spots are available.

50/50 Mystery Ultra Course Stats:

Surface: Single Track Dirt

Elevation Gain: Guess 3,000 ft.

Aid Stations: 5

Highland Aid Station- 6.5 miles

Gaylord Nelson Aid Station- 13.1 miles

50/50 Turnaround Aid Station- 50k<50miles

Gaylord Nelson Aid Station

Highland Aid Station

Course Layout: Out/Back

Start Time: 5:00 am

Cutoff Time: 16:30/mile pace

50/50 Mystery Ultra (50k>50mile)

Did you know that our running ancestors depended on running for survival?  They were forced to balance speed and sustainability with unknown distance like we no longer have to.  How fast can you run without knowing how far you have to go?  Thousands of years ago a hunter could set out in the morning and have to be prepared to run 5 or 50 miles.  

This race is a chance to see how you cope with the struggles your ancestors faced every day.  The Mystery race will be between 50k and 50 miles.  It could be 31 miles, 50 miles, or any distance in between.

This course will be out and back just like the other distances.  It will follow the Half Marathon and Marathon course, and then after the Marathon runners turn around, the 50/50 Mystery Ultra will continue on the North Country Trail. Once runners get to the 50k mark, the mystery begins.  You keep going until you run right into the 50/50 Mystery Ultra Turnaround Aid Station (you won't be able to miss it, it will be directly on the North Country Trail). This could be a long section, as the farthest it could be is 12 miles from the Gaylord Nelson Aid Station to the 50/50 Mystery Ultra Turnaround Aid Station. 


The trail will be sufficiently closed off and there will be volunteers at that aid station checking bibs and ensuring all runners in this race turn around at that point.  All runners must check in at the Mystery race Turn Around Aid Station before heading back towards the Finish at Palmer's Landing.  As on the outbound trip, 50/50 Mystery Ultra runners will have the Gaylord Nelson Aid Station and the Highland Aid Station on their way back to Palmer's. 

The 50/50 Mystery Ultra will have a cutoff time of a 16:30/mile pace.  Since giving an hour time limit would give people a clue as to how far the race is each year, and keeping one set cutoff time no matter the distance would not be consistent with effort, we have opted to set it as a pace.  If you maintain a 16:30/mile pace or less, you will not be cutoff.  Aid station volunteers will be in charge of this, and if they determine that you are over a cutoff pace/time, then please respect their decision for the sake of their time and safety of the runners.

50/50 Mystery Ultra Maps

50/50 Mystery Ultra Aid Station Chart

Trail racing on the North Country Trail.
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